Switching Careers

"My background is in [insert non-consulting background here], and I want to get into management consulting. Can I do it?" Absolutely! For every person who has done consulting in the past, there is another succeeded at getting into consulting from a non-traditional field.

For instance, at one company presentation the first three employees I met all had non-traditional backgrounds: chef, opera singer/teacher and minor league baseball pitcher. All three had successfully translated their experiences and knowledge into a form that made them seem like a great fit for management consulting.

In some respects, an intelligent candidate with a unique background can actually help more than it can hurt. You provide a level of diversity that consulting firms consider necessary to broaden their thinking. The key, of course, is making a convincing argument that your background can be an asset to the consultancy.

What should I do?

There are several things you should consider doing to parlay your experiences effectively.

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