The Consulting Interview

Welcome to the consulting interview. This interview is probably going to be the most intellectually complicated, emotionally gut-wrenching interview that you will have ever gone through. To become decent, most people will spend 1-2 months doing cases, most of which you will feel like you are stumbling your way through. Your friends in other fields (Investment Banking, Marketing) will have fluffier interviews involving mostly fit questions ("tell me of a time you led a team effectively") and some memorization ("what is the current rate on the T-bill?"). None of these compare to the open-ended case question ("How can our client improve their profitability?").

There will be many times where a simple question just eludes your grasp, leading you down the wrong path to an incorrect answer and an eventual ding. Other times, you may simply goof up the math, perhaps forgetting a decimal point or dividing incorrectly, and afterwards you realize you are quickly approaching a ding.

But, as you practice, it gets easier. You start to transcend to a higher plane while doing cases. You start to visualize yourself doing your case, seeing your body language and feeling your questions as they pierce through the mundane facts of the interview. Minor problems (a missing question, a forgotten decimal point) don't fluster you anymore. You start to see your case interview 'gel'.

How do you get to this point? When do you start to see the fruits of your preparation labor pay off? Read the following sections to learn the secrets to this beast called The Consulting Interview.

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